The Chronicles of Caradys

Adventure Four: Quick Synopsis

Real story coming soon

Jobs abound in Caradys. The previously rescued – and Caradys’ new resident Alchemist – Varet, is in need of some specific supplies and would like a new trade route established.

Per usual, Capt Elma accedes to our request for transport. However, en route The Topaz Star is ambushed by a giant flying shark nearly the size of the ship. We manage to drive it off by making ourselves more of a nuisance than we are worth since we’re not very tasty.

Upon reaching the island nearest island with access to some of the alchemical ingredients Varet is interested in we find Up Lava/Rock Falls around the small town and incredible poverty inside. In the town, there are a grand total of 3 wealthy men, one of which controls all trade.

Trade Blobfish Silarkum offers to establish trade with Caradys but wants a 40% cut. We’re going to think about it and talk to the downtrodden.

The downtrodden are on the verge of revolt (viva la revolucion), but since they are not fighters ask us to murder Blobfish Trader, the Mayor with scary long fingers, and the work overseer (aka the man with the sword).

We murder, we loot mildly, and we fly off with a trade agreement secured with the now governmentless city.



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